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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From my orthopaedic dictionary!

GAIT: A Manner or style of walking ,stepping,or running.A Normal gait is smooth,coordinated and rhythmic ,although gaits vary from person to person.Many factors,such as pain,joint motion,paralysis,and any deformity of the lower extremities may alter gait.

The gait cycle may be divided into two phases the Stance phase(60 percent of the cycle) and Swing phase(40 percent of the cycle)

The stance phase occurs during the weight bearing portion of walking.Each stance phase is subdivided into heel strike,foot flat,mid-stance,push off and toe off(toe clearance)

Toe off initiates the swing phase,with acceleration in the first half and deceleration in the second half,Swing phase terminates with the heel strike.

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