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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Erb's palsy and its management by using Splint.

It occurs during 2nd stage birth assistance, the injury involves the cervical nerve roots of
5th and 6th spinal nerves.
The words PALSY means temporary or permanent loss of sensation or loss of ability to
move or to control movement.

At this point usually during score of the I baby its very important for the birth assistants
to note down any kind of expected deformity for possible early correction protocols

The EPS is made of Polypropylene with straps it may be of Velcro or other available
materials which aim to discourage all known abnormal patterns of the affected upper
limb(internal rotation of the glenohumeral joint,internal rotation of the forearm, wrist
flexion, finger flexion, adduction of the upper limb, lugging of the shoulder.Subluxion of
the glenohumeral joint and abduction of the scapulae) sometime with/without loss of
Erb’s Splint aims also to minimize natural anatomical traction/tension between cervical
region in relation with shoulder girdle.
Erb’s Splints has shown a significant prognosis to in most of the babies if starts seven
days of age. Mode of application is NIGHT SPLINT ,this is to enable the baby to taly
with their normal motor development DURING A DAY.
By Hillary Tesha.
you can contact him,

Mr Emmanuel Mbinga(Senior Shoe orthopaedic Shoe maker and Orthotics technician)left side and Mr Hilary Tesha,Physiotherepy,at right

The management of the Erb's palsy by using the Splint,in Lateral view.The Design and fitting was done by Mr Emmanuel Mbinga(Orthoic technician,Senior orthopaedic shoe maker) and Mr Hilary Tesha(Physiotherapy).They have got alot of experience in pediatric cases.Their photos above.

Karibu Tanzania.

Marie Rumbaut a third year student,(Bachelor of Orthopaedic Technology) from Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen(KHK)
in GEEL BELIGIUM with our Department staff.
She will be with us up to the end of December as a part oif her internship.
Karibu sana

The lamination of T.T socket

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What is scoliosis?

Ms Leah Mamseri of MOI in final stage o fitting spinal orthosis,Spinal orthosis is one way of correcting the scoliosis.


Is an appreciable lateral deviation in the normally vertical line of the spine .Scoliosis consists of lateral curvature of the spine and the rotation of the vertebrae around the long axis of the spine. The ribs on the convex side of the curve may become prominent as the vertebral bodies rotate towards the convex side while the spinous processes rotate toward the concave side of the cave. Eventually, the disc spaces are narrowed in the concave side and widened on the convex side .Scoliosis is classified by etiology and described by location, association with other curvature of the spine, and sometimes age of onset.Radiologic evaluation of scoliosis requires upright film of the entire spine in frontal and lateral projection.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Among of the modern knee axis in the market

I was impressed to see the functional ability of this joint.

Fitting of the TT Prosthesis

its real good for the prosthetist to see the client is satsfied with the appliance.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"A warm welcome"

Two P&O student from The Haagse Hogeschool-The Netherland when they make a study tour in our department.They are at Salvation Army School in Dar es salaam as a part of their field work,Martin Mens and Goel Biog others are staff of P&O department at MOI.We say "Karibu sana"

This is effective for diabetics amputee

By using the Plasterzote to cover the sensitive area of the transtibial socket,this method will provide more comfort to the transtibial amputee prosthesis wearer.