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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Club Foot deformity.

FAB-Foot Abucted Brace

FAB is one of the method of treating CLUB foot
Club foot deformity: Is a birth defect that causes a new born baby's feet to point down and inward,this deformity doesnot cause pain but it can cause long term problems,affecting the child's abilit to walk.If club foot is properly treated the deformity can often be cured in early child hood.

the causes of club foot is not well understood ,it be associated with other congenital malformatio ns such as spina bifida,arthrogryposis etc.

Its features:

-forefoot adduction

-Hindfoot in varus and equinus

-Medial edges in cavus

Its treatment:

by serial manipulation with POP ,this should be immediately after born up to six months.

-followed by soft tissue release and POP in corrected position and Splint application (up to 3 years)

-4 years to 10 years -Soft tissue release and talectomy +CLUB FOOT SPLINT.

-after 10 years-Triple arthrodesis.

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