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Friday, January 22, 2010

Is being an albino a Disability?according to ICF!

ICF -Is the WHO 's frame work for measuring health and disability at both individual(patient) and population levels(research) where as the ICIDH classifies deseases as causes of death(-) and ICF classifies health by accounting for functioning(+)

ICF-International Classification Of Functioning
ICIDH-International Classification of Impairments,Disabilities and Handcaps.

ICF Consists of three components:

1st component-(Body function and Structures) which refers to Physiological functions and anatomic parts respectively,Loss or deviations from normal body functions and structures are referred to as impairements.

2nd component- Activity,activity refers to task execution by the individual and activity 'limitations' are difficulties,the individual may have in executing activities.

3rd components- Participation,participation refers to involvement in life situations where as participation restrictions are problems the individual may experience with such involvments.

So from the above explanation does Albino a disability? or we are using the word disability to Albino in wrong way?

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  1. It is a kind of disability. Speaking from my proffesion, in ophthalmology, they have insufficient number and quality of visual rods and cones, most of the time they have either visual impairment or severe visual impairment, by which cannot be corrected adequately. This hampers their ability to perform some duties.
    There are some professional carriers, we always do not recomend for them to do at such visual impairment. Mind... they always have a kind of visual impairment, that is why they have nystagmus - rapid eye movements