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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Calcaneal Spur

Calcaneal Spur –An exostosis projecting on the planter surface of the calcaneus near the origin of the plantar fascia. It seen on a lateral roentgenogram of the heel. The exostosis may be associated with periosteal thickening and chronic bursitis.

Note: Since one with this problem can experiences the pain at the heel during walking on affected foot, the application of arch support is recommended to relief this pain. During fabrication of this arch support the painful part (at calcaneal) should be considered by adding soft cushion.

An arch support which used to relief pain for one with calcaneal spur,this arch support can also be used for other foot pathology/deformity such as pes planus(foot flat),pes cavus (hollow foot) only that it need some modification according to the deformity.

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  1. A helpful reminder not to lose tract of taking care of our feet.